How to choose a camera?

So, what should be considered when choosing a camera? Let’s first look at the main types of cameras, more common in the market, and their possibilities:

compact film (outgoing devices with automatic shooting: brought – pressed) from 50$ to 200$.
compact digital (popular cameras with a choice of shooting mode.) – from 500$ to 3000$.
compact digital with interchangeable lenses (combining the properties of compact and semi-professional SLR cameras) – from 1500$ to 4000$.
digital SLR semi-professional and professional cameras – from 3000$ to 10000$.
professional film cameras.
cameras for underwater photography – from 1000$ to 3000$.
Every day film compact cameras are increasingly giving way to digital compact cameras with more functionality, better picture quality and, most importantly, the ability to instantly see the result of shooting on the screen.

Each manufacturer seeks to interest the consumer in the purchase of his products, in connection with which the cameras have various convenient functions that facilitate the shooting process: autofocus, automatic face detection and smiles, automatic shooting modes for all occasions (salute, party, under water, night shooting, portrait, landscape, children, etc.), fully automatic mode, which itself will choose the optimal settings for you, 3D-shooting, etc.

Initially, it is necessary to determine which camera and what you need:

compact, so that it is convenient to carry around with you;
with advanced manual settings to be able to fully control the shooting process;
semi-professional device to immediately begin to delve into the features of manual and priority photography and to be able to take advantage of interchangeable lenses with additional filters and external flashes;
and the amount you are willing to spend on the purchase.

You can decide in advance with the manufacturer and model of your future camera by reviewing reviews, comparisons and making conclusions for yourself from the material studied. You can make a choice based on the experience of friends and their recommendations, or you can come to the store, look at a few models that you like externally and are suitable for the price, and choose one of them, asking the seller your questions.

In any case, when choosing a compact camera you should pay attention to such parameters as:

  • switching on speed (the time until the camera is fully ready for shooting after pressing the “on” button can take approximately 0.5 to 2 seconds, depending on the manufacturer)
  • the convenience of switching between shooting modes (through the menu or a separate switch – the wheel)
  • menu navigation convenience
  • battery type (your own (from the manufacturer) or AA format, in the form of ordinary finger batteries, which allows you to easily change them in the camera at any time and anywhere without a charger, if you have spare batteries)

The number of megapixels, which, by the way, is not the main factor in obtaining high-quality photos.
The most common, and therefore cheap, SD (Secure Digital) format cards are used in most cameras, both professional and amateur.
Be sure to pay attention to such a characteristic as an increase (or zoom).
well and the main thing, compare the prices in different shops. Even in the same store, prices on the storefront and on the website may vary by a decent amount.
I hope this article will help you make the right, optimal choice of camera, which will delight you with high-quality images and ease of handling.

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